Mission & values

Our mission “Together we create space” summarizes BAM Contractors’ daily activities: building school buildings where teachers and kids love to go to school, creating hospitals with a more agreeable atmosphere for doctors, nurses and patients, rail and road works that improve our nation’s mobility, … In one word, the iconic BAM projects just make society better.

Our professional operation is based on the business principles of Royal BAM Group and on the five values held by our company. They form the building blocks for the realisation of our mission.

Our own corporate values are in our DNA, and are characteristic of BAM Contractors and its employees:

INTEGRITY: I am reliable and honest in everything I do
OWNERSHIP: I think and act as i fit were my project, situation or requirement
EMPATHY: I put myself in the place of others, and listen in order to understand their feelings and thoughts
CONSISTENCY: I say what I do and I do what I say
PIONIEERING: I dare to change and want to learn continuously