Lummen, Verkeerswisselaar E313-E314

Lummen, Verkeerswisselaar E313-E314

From ‘cloverleaf’ to ‘turbine’ on traffic interchange E313-314
The traffic interchange in Lummen, better known as “the Cloverleaf”, was fully converted between 2007 and 2012 into the much safer traffic turbine model. With the turbine, traffic is no longer required to cross at any point, to observe rules of priority, and is able to flow without having to slow down or stop.

For this redevelopment, THV with BAM Contractors (formerly Betonac) built four bridges in the interchange, demolished four existing bridges in the roundabout of the present complex and extended two bridges on the E313 at Molemstraat /Genebosstraat and Rekhovenstraat by 15 metres. Two 50m-long culverts were also built on the exterior of the traffic interchange to overarch Mangelbeek.

Some figures:

  • supply of 450,000 m³ of soil
  • application of 90,000 tonnes of asphalt
  • duration of the project: 900 calendar days
  • insertion of 2 bridges of ca. 10,000 tonnes
  • Widening of 1 bridge by 15 metres on the E314 at Molemstraat
  • Location
  • Builder
    Vlaamse Overheid
  • Client
    Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer Limburg
  • Project manager
    THV Jan de Nul - Betonac
  • Commencement of work
  • End of work