Schuman-Josaphat, line 26 track connection

Schuman-Josaphat, line 26 track connection

The new Schuman-Josaphat rail tunnel is one of the biggest underground works in Brussels. The tunnel is 1,250 metres long and is positioned at around 15 metres below ground. It starts from the Brussels-Schuman station, runs under Kortenberglaan, de Jamblinne de Meuxplein and joins the existing track under Eugène Plaskyplein.

The rail track was increased to four tracks between Watermaal and Josaphat in the context of the GEN project, and more specifically the Watermaal-Schuman-Josaphat project.

The works consisted of two lots:

LOT 1: Execution of the civil engineering works in relation to the passage below the Résidence Palace and Wetstraat, including the finishing of the multimodal Schuman pool.

LOT 2: Realisation of the civil engineering works for the rail tunnel between Archimedesstraat and the connection with line 26.

  • Section 1 of lot 2 of the Schuman-Josaphat rail tunnel lies on the terrain of the city of Brussels and of the municipality of Schaarbeek. This part starts at the level of the plastered wall which forms the support wall of the underground car parks of the Berlaymont building in Archimedesstraat and ends at Jamblinne de Meuxplein, towards Plaskylaan, where section 2 begins.
  • Section 2 of the planned construction of the Schuman-Josafat connection concerns the part of the tunnel under Jamblinne de Meuxplein, Eugène Plaskylaan and the housing island Eugène Plaskylaan, Victor Hugostraat and Emile Maxlaan.
  • Builder
    Beliris, Infrabel nv
  • Project manager
    Leophat (CEI-De Meyer nv, Galère sa, Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG, Ondernemingen Jan De Nul, Franki Geotechnics)
  • Commencement of work
  • End of work